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Wisconsin Drunk Driving Laws

Ignition Interlock Device

An ignition interlock device is required on a first drunk driving offense if the blood alcohol content is above a .15, and is required on every subsequent offense.

Things you need to know about an ignition interlock device:

No person with an ignition interlock device order may drive any vehicle that does not have an ignition interlock device installed. Doing so is a crime.

Ignition interlock devices are temporarily installed on every vehicle titled in the defendant's name.The defendant must ahve an ignitiion internlock device installed on every vehicle titled in their name, unless the ignition interlock requirement has been exempted on certain vehicles. A defendant may apply to exempt vehicles from the IID requirement for economic hardship. Exemptions must be applied for by the defendant, signed by the judge, and must be processed by Madison DOT before the defendant may obtain an occupational license. Even with exemptions, the defendant may NOT operate any vehicle not equiped with an IID until they have obtained a driver's license without the IID requirement on it. IID requirments may be in effect after a regular (non-occupational) driver's license is obtained.

The defendant must blow to start the car. The device may go off and require the defendant to blow again while the vehicle is moving as often as every five minutes. Some devices require blowing and humming.

Ignition interlocks are required to be brought in to the installer on a monthly basis and a monthly maintenance fee must be paid. There are installation and removal fees.

Ghost Vehicles & Exemptions

Defendants should check to ensure discarded vehicles that are either junked, traded-in, sold, or abandoned are not still listed as registered to them. The DMV will not issue driver's licenses until such vechiles are purged or exempted.

The ignition interlock time period does not start until an occupational or regular driver's license has been obtained with the IID requirement on it. You cannot wait out the IID time period. To obtain a valid driver's license, the DOT will require IID compliance.

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