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Drunk Driving Defense Results

Appleton and the surrounding areas with tough, effective legal representation. His dedication to upholding the law and seeking the most beneficial outcome for his clients' cases has enabled him to develop a solid reputation among fellow local attorneys.

It is always important to ensure that your rights are protected and upheld. The first step in protecting your rights is to hire a competent and aggressive lawyer. People usually seek out legal representation during difficult periods in their lives, such as an appending criminal case, arrest or as a result of a DUI. Mike Rudolph offers personalized, caring attention to each case and every client.

Wisconsin Drunk Driving Laws on OWI, DUI, DWI

Wisconsin laws are tough. They include fines, jail time, loss of driving privileges and, sometimes, devices put on vehicles interferring with and embarassing a person. Accidents can increase the punishments, and deaths caused by accidents when a person is drunk have very severe sentences.

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