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What are others saying about Attorney Mike Rudolph Here are some of Attorney Rudolph's criminal defense recommendations from other lawyers and clients. Also see Recommendations For Appleton's Best Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer.

I endorse This Lawyer

I endorse this lawyer. Mike is the lawyer's lawyer. When other attorneys have questions they go to Mike. That Mike has been voted the best attorney in the Fox River Valley time after time has not been an accident. I highly recommend this attorney.

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
Attorney Gregory Petit, Criminal Defense Attorney on Jul 18, 2011


Top OWI / DUI Attorney, Without A Doubt

Mike is without a doubt one of the top OWI/DUI attorneys in the state. I have yet to meet another attorney who is as compassionate and dedicated as Mike. Clients certainly reap the benefits of Mike's years of experience and uncanny ability to recall both statutes and case law. He is the type of lawyer you want in your corner.

Jeffrey Kippa, Criminal defense Attorney on Oct 11, 2013
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community


I endore This Lawyer

I endorse this lawyer. Mike is one of the best attorneys in the entire state. He is tough, aggressive, compassionate and smart. He knows and law and is a skilled and experienced trial lawyer. You would be lucky to have him on your side.
Attorney Jeffrey Oswald, DUI and DWI Attorney on Feb 12, 2014
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

I endorse this lawyer

I endorse this lawyer. Mike helped me get started in the Fox Valley 19 years ago, and he has remained the role model for brilliant and aggressive representation to this day.
Robert Bellin, Car accident Attorney on Nov 22, 2013
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community


Simply One Of the best attorneys

Simply one of the best attorneys in the field. Mike is an elite attorney who fights tenaciously for his clients. His wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to help his fellow attorneys raises the standard of legal practice.
Attorney Enku Lin, Civil rights Attorney on Jul 16, 2012
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

Extremely Experience - Really Cares - Very Reasonably Priced

Mike is extremely experienced and presents your options in a understandable manner Dealing with Mike has been a pleasure. He is very compassionate and has always made himself available when questions arise. I always felt that he really cares about what's best for me. I recommend him and he is very reasonably priced.

Fully Invested In My Case - Best Results

Mike was there to guide and navigate me through a new and difficult process. From day one he was available and fully invested into my case. Besides obtaining the best possible result in my case, he was available through the entire process and put a worried mind at ease. He clearly cares about his client and their family. He treats you as a human (who can make mistakes) and not just a criminal. I highly recommend.


Excellent Lawyer

My case wasnt anything special, just paraphernalia but Mike took it just as seriously as any other case and gave the best advice anyone could have given when i hadnt a clue how the case was going effect me during or after the case was closed. If i ever have another case or even a question i know who my Go-To is.. Mike Rudolph!

Excellent Work

Mike did a great job handling my DUI case. I basically just wanted to outsource the problem to someone and have as little personal involvement in the details as possible. Mike kept me well-informed about the progress and prospects for judgement all along the way, but he handled all the details behind the scenes, allowing me to live my life and not have this matter taking up all my own time.

Very Helpful & Easier To Reach

Mike was a great attorney for my case. He was easy to reach about any questions. He gets back to you right away with an answer. The best quality that he shows is that he really cares about you as a person first. I think that is why he is so successful. I would recommend him to anyone.

From Homicide to OWI, Mike Rudolph has successfully defended

From homicide to OWI, Mike Rudolph has sucessfully defended client after client after client. He knows not only the law, but how the full system works and how to use it his client's advantage....form a plea to a full blow trial. You can not go wrong if you are lucky enough to be able to have Mike Rudolph represent you.
Attorney John Edmondson, Workers compensation Attorney on Dec 22, 2011
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

Resolving a DUI Traffic Stop

Mike was realistic I getting my case settled to a lessor degree and saved me thousands. He is very competent but never talked over my head. I knew what my situation would be after talking to Mike. He was very informative in all aspect of what I needed to know and expect for an outcome regarding my case. I would highly recommend him. Mike is one of the best !


I endorse this lawyer

I endorse this lawyer. I've had the chance to work alongside Mike after referring an old friend in the Appleton area on a potential OWI Homicide case and to confer with Michael on a variety of issues over the years. I would highly recommend Mike Rudolph to anyone facing OWI related charges in the Fox Valley region based on my experience with Mike Rudolph, the experience of my old friend who was represented by him and the respect with which the prosecutors in the area hold for him.
Attorney J House, Criminal defense Attorney on Oct 7, 2011
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

Resolution Of My DUI

When I was arrested for DUI I refused the breathalyzer test, which is automatically installed driver interlock device. Mike was able to get this reduced to 1.49 content and save me months of hassle.

I endorse this lawyer

I endorse this lawyer. Attorney Rudolph is a great asset to the Fox Valley legal community. His wealth of experience and knowledge of Wisconsin Criminal Law ensures that his representation is second to none.
Attorney Aaron Galarowicz, Divorce and separation Attorney on Jul 15, 2011
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community


Best Lawyer Around!

Michael was very helpful with any questions i had. I was very scared and he mad me feel at ease. I contacted him because a friend of mine had him as her lawyer and he did a great job and I decided to talk with him and he was very willing to take on my case. He went above and behind to help me. I would recommend him if you have a DUI!!!!

Gets the Results You Need!

Michael was very helpful in referring me to the right people to help my case. He was honest, upfront and courteous. He dealt with everything with out me having to appear in court with the exception of the final hearing. I would recommend him to anyone.

I learned from him

As a young lawyer, I have had the opportunity to learn from Attorney Rudolph both in and out of the courtrooms of the Fox Valley. With clients, he provides effective communication of the range of options in resolving a case. In the courtroom, he effectively combines his honed advocacy skill with an extensive knowledge of Wisconsin criminal law.
Attorney Brian Dimmer, Criminal defense Attorney on Jul 15, 2011
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community



Michael Rudolph is the best. My mother, that never had any sort of traffic violation, got involved in a minor accident. She is older so it seemed the officer was out to get her license. Mike saw the videos and caught all the wrongs the other person committed. He was very calming to my mother, informational yet tactful. And, HE WON THE CASE!! My sweet mother didn't have to go to any courts, he handled everything. I couldn't be more grateful.

Best Realistic DUI Lawyer

You can spend an arm and leg on a lawyer who will try to pull every string. But why Why spend multiple thousands just to lose in court. The law is cracking down on drunk driving and there is little to no escaping penalties. Michael Rudolph was great on contacting me back when I called. Answered all of my questions before we even met up. He was very friendly but very down to earth. He read the facts and gave it to me straight. This is a respected lawyer in the area who is fair and honest. Michael was able to get my sentence reduced to below a .15 and was able to get me out of having to get an interlock. He was extremely affordable and should be your first call if you are ever unfortunate enough to lack good judgement.

Experience & Tenancy!

Attorney Rudolph has the experience and tenacity to expertly address all of a client’s criminal defense needs. Over the years I have been impressed with the depth of his legal knowledge and his ability to relate it to individuals feeling the stress of legal trouble. Anyone needing the services of knowledgeable, experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney will be thrilled with Attorney Rudolph.
Attorney Tajara Dommershausen, Divorce and separation Attorney on Jul 15, 2011
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community


Mike is not only a great attorney he is also very down to earth. It was not an easy situation for me but mike reassured and kept me calm through it all. I don't just think of him as my attorney but also my friend. He was very knowledgable , he knew what he was doing.

When You need knowledge and experience working for you

Mike's experience and understanding of the judicial system was most beneficial to the outcome of the case hired for. I highly recommend contacting him and allowing him to assist you through the complex judicail system

Good Advice

I made BIG MISTAKE. Attorney Rudolph guided me through the difficult days. I followed his advice to the letter and got a very fair judgement. He turned my life around.


Above and Beyond

Not only did Mike take my son's citation seriously, he inquired as to how the problem arised. He suggested we test my son (age 31) for ADD - and that changed everything. Not only did my son do exactly as Mike suggested to achieve the optimal result in the case legally, his ADD suggestion resulted in my son being tested and put on appropriate medication. My son has a new life which does not involve self-medicating and is looking forward to graduating from college and starting a career. I will always be grateful for Mike's intuition, which is a part of what you get when you hire such an experienced and respected attorney. Mike goes above and beyond what is expected.

Highly Recommend

Mike was very professional when it came to my case. He made me aware of what I should expect and did an outstanding job representing me. I've recommended Mike to a friend of mine and it went well for him also. Can't recommend enough.

Excellent Attention to detail and future wellness of client! very satisfied outcome!

Excellent job in handeling my 3rd offense. Attentive to detail and personal issues. He treated all family with courtesy and respect. He understood there were underlying issues which lead to the problems I had incurred and went the extra mile to seek additional assistance to remedy those issues. He convinced the judge contrary to the D.A's requests that the recommended sentence was in the best interest of the client and the community. No actual jail time. Excellent job!

Highly Recommend

Mr. Rudolph did an outstanding job representing me in a recent OWI case. Mr. Rudolph was very sensitive to my anxiety and receptive to my priorities in the case. When I initially called the office I was very nervous and Mr. Rudolph called me in that day to discuss the case. He gave me a realistic expectation of what was likely to occur and the reasons for it. Furthermore, he offered advice on to manage insurance and directed me how to gain my occupational license. I was very happy with the outcome and found it to be better than what he had prepared me for. I would without reservation recommend Mr. Rudolph to anyone seeking help in this situation.


highly recommend

Mr. Mike Rudolph guided me through my 1st offense with care, honesty and great representation. His excellent knowledge of the legal system made my case go smoothly and resulted in an outcome far better than I expected!

Worth Every Penny

Mike was far more responsive than I thought a lawyer could be. Even after my dui was resolved I had questions which were quickly answered. He is a great lawyer and I can not recommend him enough. He adds a personal touch which I find lacking in the legal system.

Complex Case Turned Around

After some very poor decision making I found myself in a very rough spot. However, after being referred by a family friend to Mr. Rudolph my legal issues turned around. I was given a second chance. Mr. Rudolph was very concise and too the point on what needed to be done for a better outcome. Having followed through on my end, Mr. Rudolph followed through on his and made a disastrous list of charges turn into only a few fines and court fees. Mr. Rudolph was very easy to talk with and kept me well informed of what was going on during my few months with him as my representing lawyer. A great option for anyone in a tight spot and needs help.

excellent DUI lawyer

helped me through every step of the process of conviction. I would highly recommend him to anyone with legal issues. He is very friendly and down to earth.

A real guy that cares about you and your case!

Mike helped me get a misdemeanor dropped to a wreck less driving. I was looking to do a couple of days in jail and be convicted with a illuding an officer. With Mikes knowledge and helpfulness we were able to get it lowered to a wreck less driving traffic violation. He will put in the time, always respond to you and make sure you are well informed about every single aspect of the case and more.


Criminal Defense

Mike was very helpful to me during my case. He answered all of my questions, explained everything to me that could or could not happen to me during my case. He was always reachable and took really good care of me and my case. He is very friendly and Knowledgeable when it comes to WI law. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for legal advise and help.

Excellent lawyer! Helped me through a situation I never thought I'd be in.

Mike Rudolph is an absolutely wonderful lawyer that I would definitely recommend! I was devastated at the situation I found myself in and he was extremely compassionate and helpful through every step of the way. He gave wonderful advice on how I was to proceed and was extremely knowledgable. He was able to work with the judicial system to obtain the result that we were extremely happy with. Because Mike Rudolph is such a wonderful, effective lawyer, I am now able to move on from this situation in my life. I couldn't thank him enough!

An Attorney That ACTUALLY Cares About His Clients

Mike helped me through a situation I had never experienced before with vast knowledge of the law. I had lots of questions and all were answered. He always returned my calls and assured me there were no dumb questions. A true professional, who actually sat down and got to know me. I can't thank him enough. He made a tough situation easier.


He's got experience & knows his way around the system. If he wasn't able to answer the phone when I called, no matter what hour of the day or night, he returned my call in a very timely fashion. He was very willing to answer any & all questions I had, & never made me feel like he didn't have time for me. I would recommend Mike to anyone that has been charged with an OWI, or for any other reason that falls under his expertise.

Get THIS Guy!

Mike was always on top of my case! He kept me informed and knew what was gonna happen before we even went to court! He answer all my questions, received the information I wanted quickly, and was very cost efficient for all the work he did for me! I hope to never see him again!!!! Love ya Mike!!!!



After celebrating my husbands birthday w/dinner and drinks we went to see a band. We were having such a good time that we lost track of time and the bar was closing.I made a mistake and attempted to drive us home. I stopped and parked but before we knew it police lights were flashing in my rear view mirror. My stomach dropped, my husband was passed out and I didn't know what to do. I admitted to some drinks and before I knew it I was walking a crooked line singing the ABCs.

I was aked to do a BAC and then also to blow in a breathalyser. I refused the BAC thinking I'd be ok with agreeing to one test or the other. ATTENTION PEOPLE DON'T EVER REFUSE A BLOOD ALCOHOL/BAC TEST... After the breathalyser test I was arrested for OWI. I had no one to call for a ride at now 3:30 a.m so I spent the night in jail. I was in a nightmare. How could I be so stupid I changed into some weird smelling orange jail jumpsuit that included grandma style underwear, wool blankets, a sheet and pillow that looked pale yellow and plastic sandals.

I got no sleep. I cried my eyes out all night laying on the floor which was no different from the bed. I felt like a loser to myself, my family and kids. There was nothing that could change my situation now.

My husband was allowed to take a taxi home that night so he ended up picking me up in the a.m. at maybe 10:30 a.m. This wasn't the end of my nightmare though.

 I was referred to Atty Mike Rudolph. From our first meeting he was very blunt, straight to the point, honest and asked questions to make sure he could help me otherwise he said he wouldn't want to waste my time. He brought a chart out and starting explaining what i could be in for and how he could help. He knew his stuff in and out. Laid everything out for me in black and white. If i didnt understand something he gave me examples. I felt my chances of having Mike represent me were way better than being alone on this especially it being my first OWI and not knowing what to expect or do. 

I retained Mike at an affordable rate and he directed me on my next steps, picked up every single call of mine, went to my court dates, met with me everytime I needed too, helped with all paperwork and questions. Honestly I felt safe having him as a lawyer.

He wrote up my plea and we discussed making a deal that I wasn't ro sure would fly but Mike knows what he's doing so again my trust settled in.

On my final court hearing the deal was accepted. My husband and i were both shocked that i did not have to have an ignition lock installed and 2 out of the 3 charges were dropped. I mean I was already prepared and ready to face my kids on explaining what this blow thing was that i had to do everytime i needed or was allowed to drive. I had already accepted reality but Mike somehow pulled a bunny out of his hat and turned my nightmare into a more than satisfying outcome.

Trust in Mike. I can't thank him enough. Thank you again Mike.


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