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Crime of Theft

Embezzlement is a theft crime. A theft crime is codified under Wisconsin law as a crime against property. Embezzlement is both a Felony offense and a frequently-charged crime in Wisconsin.

Common Law Embezzlement

At common law, embezzlement was defined separately from false pretenses, fraud, larceny, larceny by trick, and theft, but each crime involved a theft - taking the property of another with intent to permanently deprive the owner of that property.

Theft by Fraud

Embezzlement can be distinguished from other fraudulent crimes because of the relationship between the perpetrator and the property owner. If the defendant is employed by the property owner at the time of receiving the property and the property owner freely grants the defendant custody of that property, no law is broken. If the defendant later converts the property into his personal use, then the crime of embezzlement is committed. Under Wisconsin law, Wis Statute 943.20, embezzlement is theft by fraud.

Penalties for Embezzlement

Value Of Property
  • Less than $2,500
  • Class A Misdemeanor
  • More than $2,500, but less than $5,000
  • Class I Felony
Penalty Classification
  • More than $5,000, but less than $10,000
  • Class H Felony
  • More than $10,000
  • Class G Felony

Wisconsin Criminal Law - Embezzlement Defense Attorney

Attorney Mike Rudolph represents people who are under investigation or charged with a criminal offense under Wisconsin law. He most frequently appears in Courts located in Outagamie County, Winnebago County, Waupaca County, Calumet County and Brown County. If you are under investigation for embezzlement, or if you have already been charged with an embezzlement crime, please call (920-730-8533) Attorney Mike Rudolph right away.

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